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the Birds of Satan - The Birds of Satan
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Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul , Hörbuch, ...
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´´Freddie Valentine is a mystery, wrapped in enigma, coated in a purple paisley veneer. A record producer, a nightclub crooner, the onetime manager of the heavy metal band: Satan´s Claw, the bastard son of an eccentric aristocrat, a dabbler in the dark arts, some or none of this might have been true. It was the year 2013 but the man dressed in a purple safari suit, stack heeled boots, and his hair was a matted bird´s nest of the Jimi Hendrix Experience variety. He spoke like an East End barrow boy, read trashy women´s magazines and kept a budgie called Grayson.´´ Detective Chetwyn has a problem. He believes his chief superintendent might be vampire. He believes that Valentine might be one as well, and that he´s going to be bumped off by Valentine´s Polish hard-man Oneski. 1. Language: English. Narrator: John Vernon. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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