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The Woodpecker Always Pecks Twice
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A red-bellied woodpecker may lead to a yellow-bellied killer ? One morning when unwilling early bird Amy Simms grabs her binoculars for a closer look at the woodpecker who´s been waking her up, she can´t believe her eyes. Across Ruby Lake, through a curtain of rain, she sees a body being tossed out of an upstairs window at the old McKutcheon place. Or at least she thinks she does. The police chief finds no body-only a discarded dressmaker´s dummy-and complains that Amy sent him on a wild-goose chase. She should probably focus on minding her store, Birds & Bees, but Amy can´t help snooping. And when she turns up another body-a murdered member of her birdwatching group-Amy once again needs to wing it as a sleuth to zoom in on a killer ?

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